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7 responses to “Contact

  1. Vickie "Vickshow"

    Hey you scalywags! I gotta say, this is a pretty sweet blog. Esp. the llama peepin on the right hand corner.

  2. Steven

    Brett, you son of a bitch!! You are a good writer and I really enjoy the blog. I print it off for Grandpa. He enjoys reading it too. We are at Timmer’s and Karen’s for turkey dinner. Ummm!! With you were here. So proud of what you are accomplishing. Be safe. Love ya!! Your Uncle Steven

  3. Brett & Ryan: it was really great meeting and exploring the town a little with you here in Panama City. You guys are inspiring to boot! Good luck on your journey, I’ll definitely be reading!

  4. aidan here, we sat on the side of the pan american highway telling stories over lunch, so far away from the ales you talk about at home, but it will taste sweeter upon your return! Missed you in panama, i had a second rim crack on this trip so far and had to sit on a bus all the way back to san jose. We┬┤ll be in your wake for a while so dont stain the islands in san blass with too much 3 day old riding short odour! for our journey to date, ill be checking your tales of adventure and good fun and be inspired to let myself go a little bit crazier on the road, hope all the potholes and crazy dogs treat you well in the last half of your trip, who knows, if you find that good patch of rum somewhere on the road we may catch up to you, if not, may the wind always be on your backs.

    aidan y yuriko.

  5. Steve

    Best of luck to you guys, sorry couldn’t spend more time with you but glad I was able to help you get to gobernador gregoress. Safe travels!

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