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Roadkill of the Week – Volume 6

I realize we are going to catch shit from everyone (everyone being most likely just my father) for the lack of intensity in this week’s passage, but there just hasn’t been that much newness to the roadkill lately.  It has actually made me fairly upset that Colombia seems to keep their roads in pretty damn good order when it comes to rotting carcasses.

That being said, this gal, a Colombian Garza (maybe? see below) named Tricia, met her inappropriate end while rushing to get to her hair appointment.  It’s unfortunate because I don’t think she needed to have her hair cut at all.  It’s really a growing problem of vanity with the local herons, garzas and egrets.  Too much importance on feathers instead of just finding a good dirty marsh to stand in, stationary, for hours.  Tricia paid the ultimate price and now there are bugs crawling out of her eyes…that’s not very pretty at all.

INTERACTIVE PORTION – If you can prove me wrong by correctly identifying Tricia’s species and phylum here, you win a pair of unwashed  bike shorts used for 11 straight days.  They will go fast so hustle.

– Conbigotes



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