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Sin Represas Explained

As part of this year long bicycle festival, we thought we would try to at least do a little good at the same time. Having spent a handful, but not nearly enough time in the Chilean Patagonia region during previous ventures, we were drilled in the face by the fact this is some of the last remaining untouched land we know of, or don’t know of for that matter.

We’re not typically too keen on asking for funds or service for a cause because we know you all work very hard for your weekly pence and have good use for it, but goddamnit this is worth anything you can spare.

That being said, donations to Sin Represas (without dams) as part of the Conservacion Patagonica foundation would be a good use of discretionary fundage.

Sin Represas Patagonia Without Dams from Woodshed Films.

Patagonian gauchos and farmers have been fighting major energy companies since 2008 from furthering the onslaught of massive hydroelectric damns in some of the region’s most untouched rivers in the heart of Patagonia. Thousands of acres of Patagonian natural forests are being demolished to provide makeshift highways for miles upon miles of gigantic electric transmission lines scarring the lands like the remnants of a grizzly bear attack on unsuspecting campers.

In addition, Conservacion Patagonica is continuing its push for finalizing its second protected Chilean Patagonian National Park. The project has already placed over 460,000 miles of uninterrupted lands into permanent protection and are doing everything necessary to increase that amount of acreage.

Trust me when I say these lands are unreal in beauty and absolutely shouldn’t be fucked with.

Donate if you so choose.



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