Ryan McMahon and I did not meet on Match.com as this photo would suggest.

We met however, in a shitty old english classroom in Antofagasta, Chile and I absolutely hated him. Not really. Well, kind of to tell you the truth. Ryan was given the unfortunate task of training me at the institute which bothered me for some reason, but I got over it. From there, our shared love for the outdoors and 114 cups of coffee a day quickly blossomed.

Ryan hails from Sparta, NJ and not much is more important to him than friends and his music. He’s even been known to let me butcher his songs as I back him up on the harmonica after a few beverages. I’ve found him to be more even-keeled than the pathetic shade of taupe on my cubicle walls which bodes well for him putting up with most of my mindless bullshit and makes him the perfect partner for our little bicycle sojourn. (Ryan may or may not agree with my previous sentiments, but I’ll speak for him anyway).

I could go on about his fervor for central Chilean county highway side of the road pass-outs at 3 AM on New Year’s Eve because you’re too damn tired to walk any further, but he wouldn’t want me to boast about his exploits either.

Whatever, I’ll stop rambling here, but what matters is that I’m goddamn excited about this venture and happier more so with Ryan along with.


2 responses to “About

  1. Wish we would have done a little drumming! Have fun filled with love. Or…love filled with fun.

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