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ConBigotes Eye Candy

It may or may not have taken well over a year to put this together due to laziness and what it is we choose to call real life, but here it finally is…..The Con Bigotes video log, documentary, video journal, reel, sizzle, whateverthehell you would like to call it.

The wonderful and talented Ryan Wordell worked around the clock, during a home move, caring for 2 children and dealing with his also audio/visual talented wife, Jessica, to get all of our video mashed into something that I think looks pretty damn cool.  My only hope it that it does a little to convey how pretty, cold, peaceful, tiring, fulfilling, lonesome, fun, challenging, grueling, comforting, hungry, dirty and simple life can really be.  We, as people, tend complicate the shit out of things for reasons I don’t think I’ll ever understand.  You don’t have to spend 372 days on a bicycle, covering 2 continents to get that….just get out of your fucking comfort zones for whatever period of time you can handle.  I guarantee your sense of appreciation for what you have will be altered.  Sounds a little preachy, but jesus, please simplify a bit.  Take a step or two backward to learn how to move forward.

This thing wouldn’t have come together if A. my cycling partner and pal Ryan McMahon hadn’t have suggested a cycling trip for no other reason than to get out and LIVE a little bit.  And B. we wouldn’t have bumped into Sir Robert Frank Sargent who happened be carrying a fancy camera and joined us for the last 3 months of the trip.

Here is to all of you.  I’m humbled to be a part of all of your lives whether you like it or not.  I get to continue thinking about how much this year on a bicycle defines who I am day in and day out because of you.

So I bombard you all with a final thank you.





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